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Nikon manual camera lens explained

nikon manual camera lens explained

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This designation scheme was dropped with the introduction of "Modern" (K-type) Nikkors in 1974.
The aperture diaphragm of an E lens is controlled digitally by the camera, and actuated electromagnetically by a system housed within the lens, rather than employing the F-mount's traditional mechanical diaphragm linkage.
These lenses are needed for autofocus on certain newer low-end Nikon cameras which lack an autofocus motor.Retrieved "Nikon IX (APS) Lenses".The Photomic T through-the-lens light meter introduced in 1965 worked at full aperture, so the maximum aperture of the lens had to be communicated to the meter via a manual setting on the ASA dial.The flange of a current F-mount lens, including aperture lever (upper left) and CPU contacts (bottom).(410g) 78mm 68mm 72mm 28mm f/3.5 PC-Nikkor 25 26 f/3.5f/22 9/8.3 m (12 in) manual 360/30 11mm/none metal 380 g (13 oz) 78 mm 64.5 mm (3.07 in.54 in) a 72mm 35mm f/3.5 PC-Nikkor 28 f/3.5f/32 6/6.3 m (12 in) manual 360/30 11mm/none metal 290 g (10 oz) 70 mm 52 mm (2.8 in.0 in) 52mm 35mm.C Indicates a multicoated F-type lens.Specifications edit Lens Intro Aperture Range Elements/ Groups Closest Focus Stop-Down Rotation / Click Stops Max.This designation was introduced in 1971 and discontinued in 1974 with the introduction of "Modern" (K-type) Nikkors, when multicoating had become standard practice.The lens is mounted on a Nikon FE2 camera.
"PC-E Micro nikkor 85mm f/2.8D".
The advance of aperture control by the camera body itself, by partial actuation of the stop-down lever, meant more precision was required for consistent exposure.
Numerous other manufacturers employ the F-mount in non-photographic imaging applications.
F-mount cameras include current models from Nikon, Fujifilm, Sinar, JVC, Kenko and Horseman.Lenses designated AI-S, Series E, and AF all include these features.AI-designated lenses also improved on the original Meter Coupling Prong, adding cutaways which allow more ambient light to fall on the aperture ring, increasing visibility on cameras which optically projected the setting inside the viewfinder.Auto Designation for F-type lenses indicating an automatic diaphragm ( aperture ).Nikon "F "N and "D" series SLR cameras.Nikon PC lenses, like other perspective control lenses, offer adjustments that duplicate certain view camera movements.Nikon 1 series with FT1 plant vs zombie pc game adapter Fujifilm SLRs based on Nikon bodies, including: Canon M15P-CL Industrial Camera Kodak SLRs DCS series based on Nikon bodies, including: Kodak DCS-100 Kodak DCS-200 Kodak NC2000 / NC2000e Kodak DCS 315 / 330 Kodak DCS-410 Kodak DCS-420 Kodak DCS-460.Terms PPenta, HHexa, and PDPenta-Decem (Greek root) were used (instead of Quinque, Sex, and QuinDecim) to avoid ambiguity with Quattuor, Septem and QuattuorDecim.