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Unlock Mitsubishi Eclipse Beat Blacklist Boss #14.
Unlock Rockport City Beat the #9 on the Blacklist.Make sure that the police don't follow you up and they won't be able to see you and you can just wait it out.This may sounds stupid but I have done this trick multiple times without fail.Works 80 of the time.Sonny's And Taz's Car If you wanna get both of Sonny's and Taz's car, this is what you do, first beat Sonny and when they put the 3 markers and you gotta pick 2 markers out of those, Sonny's car is in the third marker.If you reenter the same race in career mode, there won't be any traffic studio pinnacle 15 crack Splitscreen freeroam First go to quick race, then split-screen.
Defeat Blacklist Racer #9, star wars the force unleashed pc crack fix mazda RX-8, defeat Blacklist Racer #12.
Unlock Porsche 911 Turbo S Beat Blacklist Boss #5.
Unlock Corvette.R Complete 100 of the game.
They'll chase you and you'll get bounty diamond sutra explained huaijin nan.pdf points.Raising the bounty stationary Get level 5 cops on your tail in free roam and then drive around until you loose a swarm of those law and order protect and serve officers out of sight and also without the chopper is when the cool down.Unlockable Heat Levels The following heat levels can be unlocked by beating certain Blacklist racers.Get a Back Room for Transmission, Engine, Tires, and Body Kits : R1, L1, L2, R2, Up, Down, Down, Up, X,.Taz's car should also be in the third marker.